Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bishop Williamson told to recant denial of Holocaust

Faced with a growing outcry from bishops worldwide, from Jewish organizations, and even from German Chancellor Angela Merkel -- the first time a head of state has publicly criticized the Pope -- Pope Benedict XVI has finally issued a statement acknowledging that he was not aware of Bishop Richard Williamson's remarks denying the reality of the Holocaust at the time he reversed his excommunication along with that of 3 other bishops who are members of the schismatic Society of Saint Pius X. The Pope unequivocally called on Williamson to publicly recant his remarks in order to remain a bishop in the Church.

Meanwhile, the Pope's brother, Catholic priest Georg Ratzinger, helpfully characterized Chancellor Merkel's intervention as "irrational" and his brother's critics as “stupid and ill-informed” for suggesting that Pope Benedict XVI was wrong to rehabilitate the ultra-conservative British bishop who denies that millions of Jews were killed under Adolf Hitler. Perhaps the Pope's next move should be to silence his brother....

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