Friday, February 20, 2009

Bishop Williamson: Update

Richard Williamson, the formerly excommunicated Catholic bishop who is a member of the ultra-traditional Society of St. Pius X, has now been kicked out of Argentina where he has resided for many years and, until the recent scandal, served as director of the order's La Reja seminary. The Interior Ministry ordered him out of Argentina within 10 days because he failed to declare his true job as director of the seminary on immigration forms and because his comments on the Holocaust "profoundly insult Argentine society, the Jewish community and all of humanity by denying a historic truth." Argentina's Jewish community, estimated at more than 200,000 residents, is the largest in Latin America and was besieged by terrorist attacks in the 1990s.

As for his situation before the Vatican and whether or not he will be allowed to continue as bishop, Williamson has asked Pope Benedict XVI for time to review the evidence about the Holocaust. German Cardinal Karl Lehmann and many American Catholic Congressional representatives have protested at this stalling tactic, urging the Vatican to fullly and quickly repudiate Williamson's position.

Today, a side dust-up occured. Fr. Hoyos duly expressed outrage over Israeli comedian Yair Shlein's satirical and blasphemous portrayal of Jesus and Mary in which he denied certain tenets of the Christian faith, but what got glossed over is that Shlein said he was doing so as a "lesson" to Christians who deny the Holocaust. And, unlike Williamson, Shlein and the TV station that aired the program have apologized. The most Williamson has managed is apologizing for causing any inconvenience to the Pope. He doesn't care about the feelings of the Jewish people as is amply evident in his writings about them:

From "True Anti-Semitism":
Most people seeing how Pope Benedict XVI has changed the Church’s Good Friday prayer for the Jews will think he has been their friend, because the change was in a direction demanded by spokesmen of theirs, who made themselves heard. However, for any Catholic who has the Catholic Faith, Benedict XVI has been in this not their friend but their enemy.

The difference is quite simply the difference between our brief life here below, and life everlasting: For purposes of this life, lasting for each of us, let us say, 70 years, he has been their friend, because by, for instance, taking out of the 1962 text the references to the Jews’ “blindness”, “darkness” and “the veil over their hearts”, he has softened the Church’s solemn criticism of their condition.. On the other hand by the same softening he will also have diminished Catholics’ awareness of how especially Jews need the charity of Catholics’ prayers...

...Therefore the recent Good Friday liturgy change, by diminishing Catholics’ awareness of that real “veil”, etc, has done a disservice to Jews’ eternal salvation.

From False Anti-Semitism:

Now ever since the Jews were responsible for the crucifying of Our Lord Jesus Christ -- "His blood be upon us and upon our children", Mt.XXVII,25 -- they have as a race and as a religion, always with noble exceptions, continued to reject him down to our day. Thus St. Paul observed that they not only "killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets", but they also prohibited St. Paul himself from "speaking to the Gentiles so as to save them". In brief, their behavior was such that "they please not God and are adversaries to men" (I Thess. II,14-16). Closer to our own time, it is a matter of historical record that the designing and launching of, for instance, Communism, to wrest mankind away from God and to replace his Heaven with a man-made paradise, was largely their achievement.

And this person can still call himself a bishop? In the Catholic Church? And the Pope does nothing??? And we wonder why Catholic-Jewish relations are so strained during this Papacy.

Incidentally, Williamson not only believes that the Holocaust didn't happen, he also thinks 9/11 was "an inside job" and says as much in his blog -- appropriately titled "Dinoscopus" with a fetching satirical drawing of the bishop as a dinosaur -- which makes for interesting reading. The guy isn't too enlightened about women's place in the world and the church either. He says:

"Scripture, the Word of God, tells us that woman was created to be the helpmate of man (Genesis II,10). Commenting upon this text, St. Thomas Aquinas (Ia, 92, 1) says that she was created to help him in the engendering of children, because in any other work man could be better helped by another man. St. Paul (also the Word of God) similarly says that woman will be saved by childbearing (I Tim. II,16).

Here is the key to woman´s nature as woman: she is designed to be mother. Do we not observe, and does not St. Thomas Aquinas suggest, that in everything involved in motherhood – which is no less than the future of the human race - she is man´s superior, whereas in everything else she is his inferior?"

It's time for this dinosaur to make himself extinct.

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