Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Prayer for Immigrant Justice

During the first week I was in San Antonio at the Mexican American Catholic College, we prayed this prayer in English and in Spanish as we contemplated the display at the foot of the altar in the Guadalupe chapel of objects symbolizing those who cross our borders at great risk and who sometimes die before they reach their destinations. Si podriamos simplemente recordar en nuestras oraciones diarias aquellas personas que van a cruzar la frontera ese día y pedir a Dios su protección por ellos, ya sería una cosa. Son nuestros hermanos y hermanas que solamente andan buscando pan para sus familias.

A Prayer for Immigrant Justice

Blessed are You, Lord God,
King of all creation,
Through Your goodness, we live in this
land that You have so richly blessed
Help us always to recognize our
Blessings come from You
and remind us to share them
with others, especially those who come
to us today from other lands.
Help us to be generous, just, and
welcoming, as You have been and are
generous to us. Amen

Una Oración por la Justicia del Inmigrante

Bendito seas, Señor Dios,
Rey de toda creación.
Que a través de tu bondad, vivimos en
esta tierra y que has bendecido
enormemente. Ayúdanos a siempre
reconocer que las bendiciones las
recibimos de ti y recuérdanos compartirlas
con otros, especialmente con aquellos que
vienen a nosotros desde otras tierras.
Ayúdanos a ser generosos, justos y
acogedores, así como lo has sido y eres con
nosotros. Amén.

Source: These prayers come from the USCCB Justice for Immigrants Campaign. Visit their Web site at http://www.justiceforimmigrants.org/ to download other parish organizing materials on immigration and to participate in their action campaigns.

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