Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why people criticize the Church

I was listening to Eugenio this morning ramble on about why people criticize the Church, or, more to the point, saying that people should not criticize the Church and those who do so demonstrate that they do not know their faith well. Oh, really???

Of course he didn't mention the main reason people are criticizing the Pope these days: his reinstating the formerly excommunicated bishops from the extremely conservative Society of Saint Pius X, one of whom stated in an interview in Sweden that he did not believe the Holocaust occured. The "rehabilitation" offended major Jewish groups. It also offended those of us on the left of the Church because so many of our theologians have been told to recant or be silenced or even threatened with excommunication, as Fr. Roy Bourgeois has been for his support of women's ordination. God forbid we should have a schism on the right but we don't really care about what happens on the left.

And why don't we "know our faith well"? Well, during the call-in portion of the show a woman shared with considerable enthusiasm how her priest would not give communion to any woman wearing a miniskirt or pants! And that this was good because the body is supposed to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. Hello? Last time I checked, any Catholic in good standing (i.e. without any unconfessed mortal sin) had the right to receive communion no matter how he or she was dressed. But of course nobody bothered to correct the woman on the air. So much for educating people about their faith!

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