Wednesday, March 25, 2009

El SÍ Militante

Back in 2004, Padre César shared a Christmas article with us called “Alabanzas Insuficientes”. One phrase from that article has stuck with me throughout the years. Speaking to Jesus, Padre César said: “Naciste de María, la nazarena, muchacha con el corazón abierto a Dios y dispuesta a cambiar la historia con su SÍ militante y su humildad a prueba de toda duda.” Today the Church celebrates Mary’s “militant YES” in the Feast of the Annunciation – that fearless YES that did, in fact, change the course of history.

Mary had every reason to say “no” – she was young, poor, and unmarried. She risked being shunned at best, at worst stoned to death. She could have let her fear win out, as we humans often do. Instead she accepted the angel Gabriel’s word and what she thought impossible became possible and bearable through the power of God. Mary carried Our Savior nine months in her womb and then continued to walk with Him until His death on the Cross.

And so today we pray: “Gracias, Madre María, por tu SÍ militante que nos regaló el Salvador. Enseñenos a cumplir la voluntad de Dios sin temor para que nosotros también podemos convertirnos en portadores de su palabra divina y de su amor. Amén.”

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