Friday, April 24, 2009

Fernando Lugo: "Enough already, I said I'm sorry"

At least today we have a break from the Fernando Lugo paternity claims. The fourth woman, Raquel Torres, has no interest in coming to Paraguay from Spain to press a claim for her daughter, though a press interview with Raquel's mother provided a subplot to the telenovela. Apparently, Raquel also has a son who was fathered by another priest, Pedro Cabañas, who worked with Lugo. Cabañas has refused to acknowledge his son. For the record, Raquel's mother says that while everyone in San Pedro says Lugo is the father of her granddaughter, she doesn't believe it. "Somos medio parientes, yo soy Méndez también, y cómo le vamos a demandar si una de mis hijas, Gloria, trabaja en el Ministerio de Salud; otro hijo trabaja en otro ministerio, y él siempre se portó bien con nosotros” ("We are half related, I am a Méndez too, and why would we file a claim when one of my daughters, Gloria, works in the Ministry of Health; another son works in another ministry; and he [Lugo] has always been good to us").

Meanwhile, the third woman, Damiana, is so pissed off that Lugo's attorney called her a liar that she has changed her mind this afternoon and decided to file an official paternity claim as well.

President Lugo gave a press conference in which he offered an apology. The president said that he was only human, a product of his culture, and that he never wanted to hurt anyone. He reiterated that he would comply with the law and said that the country would see him as a father in every sense of the word. He emphasized that the work of government would continue and that he has no plans of resigning.

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