Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gustavo Gutiérrez receives honorary doctorate of Divinity from Yale

Nuestro amigo y hermano teólogo Gustavo Gutiérrez received an honorary doctorate in Divinity from Yale University this weekend. ¡Felicitaciones!

Official text of citation:

Gustavo Gutiérrez

You are the father of liberation theology. Through your witness and your words, you have called attention to God’s just and gracious love for all. Rather than simply speaking on behalf of the poor, you have listened and created a climate for them to be heard. From your work in the slums of Lima, to advanced study in medicine and theology, as well as in your writing and preaching, you have lived a faith that values all. A Dominican priest, your conviction and concern have challenged the conscience of all faithful men and women, as you call for an end to the injustice of poverty. With gratitude for your example, we honor you as Doctor of Divinity.

To which we can only add: Amen!

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