Thursday, May 28, 2009

Noted Hispanic Catholic Theologian Named U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican

First we had Judge Sonia Sotomayor, a Puerto Rican woman of humble origins and a strong social conscience, nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court and now we have one of the top Hispanic theologians, Dr. Miguel Díaz of St. John University's School of Theology nominated to be U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican! Rebel Girl is beside herself with glee!

Here is the scoop on Dr. Díaz from his faculty Web site:


Professor of Theology, 2004-

B.A., St. Thomas University, 1988; M.A., University of Notre Dame, 1992; Ph.D., 2000


On Being Human: U.S. Hispanic and Rahnerian Perspectives (Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2002).

From the Heart of Our People: Latino/a Explorations in Catholic Systematic Theology, Orlando E. Espín and Miguel Díaz, eds. (Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 1999).

“Seer of the Word: The Sacramental Imagination and the Human Vision of God,” in a special collection of the University of Dallas’ Landregan Lecture Series, forthcoming.

“On Loving Strangers: Encountering: The Mystery of God in the Face of Migrants,” in a special summer edition of Word and World: Immigrants: New Neighbors, forthcoming.

“The Life-Giving Reality of God from Black, Latin-American, and U.S. Hispanic Theological Perspectives,” Cambridge Companion to the Trinity, ed. Peter Phan. Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2009.

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“God,” in Hispanic American Cultures, ed. Miguel De La Torre. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO Press, 2009, forthcoming.

“Outside the Survival of Community there is no Salvation,” in Building Bridges, Doing Justice: Constructing a Latino/a Ecumenical Theology (Maryknoll: Orbis Press, 2009), 91-111.

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“A Critical Reading, Appreciation and Assessment of Responses to On Being Human,” Philosophy and Theology 16/1 (2004): 151-162. (This volume contains three critical essays by Susan Abraham, Michael H. Barnes, and Conrad T. Gromada that address Díaz’s On Being Human.)

“Reading the Signs of the Time: A U.S. Hispanic Perspective on the Future of Theological Education,” New Horizons in Theology, ed. Terrence W. Tilley (Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2005), 225-230.

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Annual Changing Faces Series Lecture, “Jesus on the Border: Crossing unto the Mystery of God,” 2009.

Annual Landregan Lecture, University of Dallas: “Seer of the Word: The Sacramental Imagination and the Human Vision of God,” 2007.

ACHTUS Presidential Address, “Otherness in Black Catholic and Latino/a Catholic Theologies and the Otherness of God,” 2006.

Series of talks on the Lenten Gospels for the Church of Saint Joseph, St. Joseph, MN, 2006.

“Encountering God in the Eye of the Storm,” delivered at the Spirituality Center at the College of Saint Benedict, 2006.

Presentation on the theology of God at the Basilica of Saint Mary Series “All Things Catholic, “ 2006.

Series of talks for Saint John’s School of Theology·Seminary Theology Day entitled “In the Trinity: Living the Life of God,” 2005.

Keynote Address at the 40th Anniversary of the Franciscan Federation, San Diego, CA, “Mirroring the Life of God in Medio Luporum: Returning to the Heart of the Franciscan Mission,” Summer 2005.

Series of five talks at the Church of Saint Joseph, St. Joseph, MN, entitled “From Ashes to Easter,” March/April 2005.

Plenary Address on “Commissioning U.S. Hispanic Catholics and Protestants on Evangelism and Evangelization,” National Convocation on Evangelism within the Latino Community, Perkins School of Theology, SMU, Dallas, TX, February, 2005.

Plenary Address on “The Future of Catholic Theological Education in the U.S.,” The 50th Annual meeting of the College Theological Society, June 2004, Washington, DC.

General address at the Eucharistic Congress in the Catholic Diocese of El Paso, TX, 2004.

Lecturer at Princeton Theological Seminary as recipient of the 2002 Book of the

Year Award for On Being Human: “Turning to a Context: Latino/a Anthropology and its Communal Vision of Reality,” Response to lecture by Dr. Daniel L. Migliore.


Theological consultant on the Collegeville Ministry Seminar II (advancing the theology of vocation and authorization for lay ecclesial ministry) co-sponsored by Saint John’s School of Theology·Seminary and the USCCB (2009- ).

Invited colloquist for the 2008-2009 Wabash Consultation on Excellence in Teaching for Latino/a Faculty at Colleges, Universities, and Theological Schools, 2008-2009.

Board Member of the Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA), 2008-2010.

Member of the Karl Rahner Society (KRS) and a board member of the KRS steering committee.

Member of Barack Obama's Catholic advisory group during the 2008 presidential campaign. In recognition of his participation in the advisory council, Dr. Díaz and his wife Marian received an invitation to the inaugural events. Dr. Díaz's involvement in the campaign and participation in the inaugural events were both covered extensively in a variety of media.

President of the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States (ACHTUS), 2006-07. Read ACHTUS' Statement on the Diaz Nomination.

Colloquist with Walter Cardinal Kasper at the Duquesne University Annual Holy Spirit Lecture and Colloquium entitled,“The Spirit in the New Millennium,” 2006.

Invited to participate at the CTSA annual convention in San Antonio in a discussion of Rahner Beyond Rahner, 2006.

Invited to participate in a national conversation on immigration organized by Interfaith Worker Justice, Chicago, IL, March 2006.

Invited to participate as a theological consultant to the Catholic Alliance for the Common Good, Washington, DC, January, 2006.

Organized the 2006 annual colloquium of the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States (ACHTUS) in conjunction with the Black Catholic Theological Symposium (BCTS).

Invited by Br. Dietrich Reinhart, OSB, President of Saint John’s University to co-chair the president’s Inter-Cultural Directions Council (IDC), 2005-.


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