Thursday, May 28, 2009

Padre Alberto Joins the Episcopal Church

UPDATE 1/16/2011: As a public service -- and because I see that people are hitting on this post while searching for Padre Alberto's current church assignment: Rev. Alberto Cutié is presently at Church of the Resurrection in Biscayne, Florida. This church is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida. Rev. Alberto has a new daughter, Camila Victoria, and a new book out titled Dilemma: A Priest's Struggle with Faith and Love.

The Rev. Alberto Cutié, the celebrity priest removed from his Miami Beach church after photos of him kissing and embracing a woman appeared in the pages of a Spanish-language magazine earlier this month, has left the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami to join the Episcopal church.

The small, private ceremony happened early Thursday afternoon at Trinity Cathedral, the church's South Florida headquarters in downtown Miami. Bishop Leo Frade, head of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida, officiated as Cutié knelt in front of the bishop and was received into the Episcopal church.

In doing so, he joins many other ex-Roman Catholic priests who have married and joined the Episcopal ranks. In his official statement, Padre Alberto spoke of his desire to continue to serve God as a priest and a married man. He also alluded to his ideological differences with Catholic teachings on who may receive communion in the Church.


The statement is also available in Spanish on Padre Alberto's Web site.

Dear friends:

The book of Psalms tells us, "Show me your ways, O Lord, and teach me your paths". These words of Sacred Scripture have accompanied me for many years. The life of a man or woman of faith is a constant search for the will of God - we are always seeking God¹s path for each of us. Today I come before this community that I have tried to serve and continue to love with all my heart, to announce that I am continuing the call to spread the message of God¹s love and the vocation God gave me to priestly service. More than ever I am sure that God is love and is the source of all love.

I want to assure you that this journey did not begin a few weeks ago. I have searched my soul and sought after God's guidance for a long time. I have also spoken to friends in and outside the Episcopal Church about their service to God and the many similarities that exist among the various branches of Christianity, which profess the Catholic faith. I have seen the ways that many of my brothers serve God as married men, with the blessing of forming a family. In this process, I must also recognize that I began to have spiritual and deep ideological struggles, especially in dealing with those who felt excluded from living a full sacramental life.

Those who know me understand that I would never want to hurt anyone - especially my family, friends and the church community. Furthermore, my personal struggle should in no way tarnish the commitment of so many brother priests who are celibate and faithful to their promise. I will always love and hold dear the Roman Catholic Church and all its members who are committed to their faith and have enriched my life.

I have decided to become part of a new spiritual family within the umbrella of Christianity. As I have been saying and writing for years through my work in communications, instead of focusing on our differences, let's work together so that all may come to believe in a loving and good God, even in the midst of this changing world.

I ask everyone to please respect my privacy and the privacy of my loved ones. There have been lies, innuendos, rumors, and even hurtful actions by those seeking to profit from my life and struggles in this time of transition. I respectfully ask that all these things stop now.

As we begin this new stage in our lives, I ask that you extend to me and my loved ones the same courtesy and respect that every human being deserves. I am humbled by the support of so many people throughout the world and in our own community; and especially friends and family, who have given us unconditional love and support.

Thank you and May God bless you all.

Rev. Father Alberto Cutié


  1. I support Father Alberto 100% since I as a Hispanic American who left the Catholic Church and joined the Episcopal Church.I'm overwhelmed with joy to know that this man will follow both his priestly vocation and marriage to the woman he loves.As to his critics:Let the man be!!!

  2. Do you think that the girl set the paparazzi at the right time and place so she could get married?

  3. No, I don't. Both Fr. Cutie and his girlfriend deny having contacted the paparazzi and I believe them. She seems to be a very private person and I can only imagine that this media exposure of their affair has been agony for her. However, I do believe that Fr. Cutie became careless because he subconsciously wanted to "get caught". Nobody, not even Fr. Cutie himself, believes it was the best way to handle the situation.

    All we can do now is wish them well in their new religious home and, if I may be so bold as to suggest the obvious, use this case to rethink the Church's position on mandatory celibacy before we lose more Father Cuties.

  4. As it happens in many issues and/or organizations, there is the conservative side and the more open minded liberal side.
    I personally woundn't mind if ordained priest could marry or even there were ordained woman priest.
    For a brief period of time, long time ago I was a Unitarian Universlist, and the Pastor lady there, gave some of the most spiritually inspiring holistic speeches I heard.
    But for those that may object to a married priest, I would say two things: One is that we are talking about serious and committed marriage, not merrily going about dating and changing partners willy-nilly.
    Second, celibate life must be difficult to maintain, but marriage is also difficult to maintain the right way, so there is much growth and learning in this experience which can help provide lots of insides and experiences for a more rounded pastoral life.
    To me, the reasons that the Church has endured 2000 years are two. Mainly because of the core of its origin and the teachings of Jesus-Christ it embodies, and second because of its ability to adapt to social and cultural changes.
    My guess is that catholic priest will not be allowed to get married until the issue may threaten the churches’ own survival.

  5. And it may very well. The same Archdiocese of Miami that just tossed Padre Alberto out the door for getting involved with a woman will be closing 14 parishes and missions next month. The actual list will be announced on Sunday.

  6. yo felicito al padre Aberto y le aplaudo lo que hiso no violo a nadie es algo normal entre dos personas adultas padre alberto dios es amor y dios bendiga asu bella familia y todo lo mejor para usted peor asqueroso es lo que hacen esos sacerdotes catolicos con doble vida y me consta son unos hipocritas y el que no es homoxesual tiene amantes padre alberto mi respeto para usted y lo admiro mucho que dios lo bendiga siempre