Monday, May 11, 2009

The Resurrected Church: a barefoot or radical Church

By Rev. José Eugenio Hoyos
(English translation by Rebel Girl)

Today we talk about a renewed Church, a spiritual Church with a gospel that helps bring hope back to the poorest and one where Christians, through faith, can meet the living Christ.

What does the future of the Church depend on? Its organizational efficiency, its institutional power, or a renewed and radicalized spirituality?

We should go back to the source to retrieve the authentic meaning of Jesus. Are we the Church born of Easter and Pentecost that is committed to the work of love that Jesus initiated? After the Resurrection, nothing is as it was – a radical new event has interrupted history and completely transformed it.

I recall an incident in the life of John XXIII, a great prophet of our time. In 1903, he confessed that as a young man he was used to new things, new books, new systems and new people.

That is the fruit and consequence of faith in the Resurrected One, in Easter – the faith from which a young and dynamic Church is born – a true brotherhood and sisterhood of apostles, nurtured through contemplation of the Word, through the Eucharist, who live in communion, who go on a mission along the paths of the world to lead men and women to join in the good news of Jesus.

Christ’s Church should be an inclusive community that evangelizes from the option for and with the poor. We should proceed from an integral plan that embraces all the dimensions of the person who is hungry, who needs education, health and hygiene, and God. May the liberating force of Jesus and His Gospel be felt in our Church, inculturated in all who have faith.

We should be the voice of the voiceless and help to break the chains of the slavery of racism and discrimination and thus we Catholics will put on the sandals of the Lord and follow His steps on the road to liberty and justice.

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