Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Una Iglesia sin tacones

I "borrowed" this 5/2/2009 post from the Todo Era Bueno blog because it absolutely sums up my vision of the Iglesia Descalza. I don't know who writes that blog but "Gracias, hermano/a!" I could not have said it better myself (English translation below).

Una Iglesia sin tacones, que no necesite estirarse mucho ni cardarse el pelo.

Quizá, incluso, una Iglesia con sandalias. O mejor: descalza.

Sí, mejor descalza. Nos han hecho tanto daño algunos zapatos…

Una Iglesia descalza, con los pies descalzos y sucios de caminar descalza por el barro, bajo esos puentes donde se refugian los pobres sin zapatos ni tejas.

Una Iglesia descalza, para que si da un pisotón sin querer no haga daño a nadie.

Una Iglesia descalza, sí, y sin miedo de pisar los charcos.

Una Iglesia descalza y sin alfombras que anestesien el dolor del camino.

¡Se paga un precio tan alto por las alfombras y los zapatos…!

A Church Without High Heels

A Church without high heels, that doesn't need to stretch out much or backcomb its hair.

Perhaps even a Church in sandals. Or better yet: barefoot.

Yes, better barefoot. Some shoes have done us so much harm ...

A barefoot Church, with feet bare and dirty from walking barefoot through the mud, under those bridges where the poor with no shoes or roof take refuge.

A barefoot Church, so that if it unwillingly missteps, it will hurt no one.

A barefoot Church, yes, but one unafraid to walk through puddles.

A barefoot Church, without rugs that dull the pain of the road.

Such a high price is paid for rugs and shoes!

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