Friday, June 26, 2009

Ana Fernandez - continued

I have been listening to the Radio América radiothon this morning to help Ana Fernandez' six children and it is restoring my faith in humanity. Ana is the Salvadoran woman who was killed in the Metro train crash earlier this week. The radio station set a goal of $19,000 which would help the children stay together and pay their rent for one year. When I turned it off at 12:30 p.m., the station was reporting that they had already received over $41,000 in contributions!

As we reported in the earlier post on this topic, the family has set up a bank account for donations. Residents can drop off donations at any Chevy Chase Bank location (Account No: 1313225291) and make checks out to Nerio N. Fernandez or William S. Fernandez. They are Ana's brothers.

The older children testified during this very emotional program and one can't help but be impressed by their resilience and will to keep their family united. The oldest girl, Evelyn's testimony was especially moving. She talked about how her mother set an example by working two jobs to support her children and that she, Evelyn, was prepared to do likewise, to do whatever it takes to help her siblings, even if it means postponing her own dream of becoming a singer.

I really wish that some of the anti-immigrant bigots in our community would learn some Spanish and be able to listen to testimonies such as these. Then they would understand that our Latino families with their love of God and drive to better themselves and their community are an asset to this country.

Photos: The late Ana Fernandez and 5 of her 6 children (l-r: Jusara, 14; Víctor, 11; Evelyn, 18; Jaqui, 2, Sergio, 10. Not pictured: Antonio, 21)

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