Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tantas promesas nunca cumplidas

The list of 2009 Clergy Appointments just came out. I scanned it casually, looking for my old parish. Nothing. There never is. I'm not surprised, no longer really angry, just decepcionada. Tantas promesas nunca cumplidas. I gave up believing years ago. The Lord may hear the cry of the poor but the diocese turns a deaf ear.

It's not my problem now; I've moved on. When the hermana calls to ask my opinion on the latest conflict between the remaining lay leaders and the párroco: "It's not my problem." When the hermano tells me the parish is unraveling because the only lay leader who really knew how to get things done and was never willing to share that knowledge is in the hospital: "It's not my problem." The choir is being decimated by infighting? "Not my problem." Not enough cancioneros? "Not my problem." "Will you ever come back?" No. There is nothing more I can do. Nothing changed, so I had to leave. The decision to become a minister of communion in my new parish set fire to the bridge. There is no going back, at least not in the next few years.

You called our name during the "roll call" at St. John Neumann but heard only a smattering of "Amen"s. Yet we were there -- almost all of us -- on the margins, some of us not even in the sanctuary...Serving silently, keeping our promise, invisible...Waiting...


  1. OH MY G…ASHHHH ! R.G. I know this song, my French is very, very rusty but I remember the Italian version sang by Mina.
    And you use it for this posting! Clever, very clever. I get the point .TOTALLY COOL!

  2. I used the Dalida-Alain Delon version because that is what I grew up with in France (and I like Dalida's facial expressions in this video). After 15 years of promises and excuses and yet again no regular full-time Spanish-speaking priest assigned to that parish, it was the first song that came to my mind. Parole, parole, parole....basta con palabras! Queremos actos, queremos justicia. El silencio es mejor que las falsas promesas.