Friday, July 17, 2009

A couple of happy endings...

A couple of updates on some of our prior blog postings:

1. Remember Águeda Domíguez? She was the legal immigrant from El Salvador who was beaten by a police officer in Manassas Park back in February during a routine traffic stop because she didn't understand English and refused to sign the citation he gave her. Well, according to El Tiempo Latino today, Domínguez was found innocent of all traffic charges after a trial yesterday. She is still considering whether to file a complaint against the police department for her mistreatment.

2. And what about Zach Bonner, the 11-year-old kid from Florida who started out in May to walk all the way to Washington, DC to raise money for homeless children through his Little Red Wagon Foundation? According to the Washington Post, after 650 miles, Zach made it to the Capitol. "The walk has raised about $50,000, Zach's mother says, some of which will go to a playground at an emergency foster-care shelter in Tampa and for bedding, computers and other supplies at Sasha Bruce Youthwork, which helps runaways and homeless youths in the District. Some of it they spent along the way, on projects at homeless shelters..." Now that the walk is over, Zach is encouraging people to write to President Obama and ask him to remember the needs of the estimated 1.3 million homeless children in America.

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