Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goodbye and good riddance

Rebel Girl is grateful for the news that two less than exemplary prelates have stepped down and their resignations have been accepted by Pope Benedict XVI.

1. Francisco Domingo Barbosa Da Silveira, bishop of the Diocese of Minas, Uruguay, submitted his resignation after admitting to having sexual relations with two prisoners, Gerardo Enrique Bentancor and José Martín Britos, whom he had hired to do some work for the diocese. The encounter was captured on one of the men's cellphone and they used it to blackmail the bishop until he outed himself and denounced them to authorities.

2. José Cardoso Sobrinho (76), Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, Brazil, also submitted his mandatory resignation under the Church's age restrictions. For those who might have forgotten, he is the Archbishop who excommunicated the mother of a 9-year old girl who had a medically-indicated abortion after having been raped and impregnated with twins by her stepfather. Cardoso Sobrinho also excommunicated the medical personnel involved. The decision was criticized both inside and outside of the Church as lacking in charity, given the circumstances.

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