Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two Brazilian bishops call for peace in Honduras

Adital has posted messages from two Brazilian bishops to the people of Honduras, translated here into English.

Message from Msgr. Pedro Casaldáliga

With a fraternal spirit and passion for Our America, free and united, we want to express our total solidarity with the people of Honduras at this time of tension and violence. Let democracy be respected, which is respecting the will of the people. May the God of peace protect this beloved and suffering people.

An embrace of solidarity and hope,

Don Pedro Casaldáliga
Retired Bishop of São Felix de Araguaia, Brasil

Message from Msgr. Demétrio Valentini

Greetings to the dear brothers and sisters of Honduras, who are living at a historic moment for the democratic future of their country and who wish an immediate return to the rule of law, with a guarantee of respect for the human rights of all people, the immediate cessation of all violence, and peace for the whole country.

I want to express my solidarity with all who want a democratic Honduras, free of the consequences of coups against the constitutional order, and hoping that, at the same time, they will be firm and united and avoid at any cost that the situation result in violence, which could lead to the needless sacrifice of human lives.

May God enlighten their steps, and may all the people of Honduras be able to come back as soon as possible to living in justice and peace.

With my prayers,

Don Demétrio Valentini
Bishop of Jales and President of Caritas Brasil

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