Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You're still the one...

I know a lot of you are thinking: when is Rebel Girl going to get back to the good stuff? Well, Honduras is on hold because Zelaya is touring Latin America while his supporters are still marching and demonstrating, so nothing major to report there.

There's a lot of interesting stuff happening in Peru, including another progressive priest, Fr. Marco Arana from Cajamarca, who is thinking about a possible run for president in 2011, which has provoked a call for his resignation from the priesthood by the conservative Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani. Fr. Arana's "Tierra y Libertad" movement supporters have two separate blogs you can check out to get more information, as well as a blow by blow of the Arana-Cipriani feud: and

But it's summer, I need a break, and some things that happened this week reminded me of a song from my youth by Fran├žoise Hardy who, at 65, is still gorgeous and still has a very active singing career. Sometimes we have our differences and so we go off with other people but, the song says, it's not the same and so we come back to the one we really love. That's all, voilà. I like this song for its simplicity; it is sung straight from and to the heart with no artifice.

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