Friday, September 4, 2009

Dorothy Day - Prayer of Migrants

The current edition of the Houston Catholic Worker published by the brothers and sisters at Casa Juan Diego contains a beautiful bilingual prayer for the intercession of Dorothy Day, whom John Cardinal O'Connor proposed for sainthood. For more information on this cause, visit the Dorothy Day Guild. To the prayer, I've also added three different icons of "Servant of God" Dorothy Day by (top to bottom) Brian "Nikolai" Tsai, Robert Lentz, and William Hart McNichols.

Dios misericordioso,
llamaste a tu hija Dorothy Day
a mostrarnos el rostro
de Jesús en los migrantes,
los pobres y abandonados
y a mostrarnos tu deseo
de justicia y paz en la tierra.
Cuenta a ella de entre tus santos
y guíanos todos a ser amigos
de los pobres de la tierra
y a reconocerte a tí en ellos.

Dorothy Day, amiga del migrante,
intercede por nosotros
y pide para nuestro mundo
amor, justicia y paz.
Muéstranos el amor del Padre.
Ayuda a los débiles y a los tristes
para que el Espíritu Santo
nos anime en la esperanza de
construir un mundo mejor.

Merciful God, you called your daughter
Dorothy Day
to show us the face of Jesus
in the migrants,
the poor and the homeless,
and to show your desire
for justice and peace on the earth.
Count her among your saints and
guide us to be friends of the poor
and to recognize you in them.

Dorothy Day, friend of the migrant,
intercede for us and pray for
justice and peace for our world.
Show us the love of the Father.
Help the weak and the sad
that the Holy Spirit might encourage us
in the hope of building a better world.

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