Thursday, October 8, 2009

A nun speaks out on the H1N1 Pandemic

Sr. Teresa Forcades i Vila has taken off her theologian's hat and gone back to her doctor in public health role to address the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic in a new video (see below) that calls for a calm approach to the disease and emphasizes the right of citizens to refuse to be vaccinated against it.

Sr. Theresa also has a new blog space on catalunyareligió.cat in which she is sharing her writings on the flu and other issues. (NOTE: To the anonymous person who requested more Sr. Teresa translations, I will try to get to them as time permits).

by Gaspar Hernández (translation by Rebel Girl)
El Periódico de Catalunya
October 7, 2009

What's a nun doing talking on the Internet about the dangers of the Influenza A vaccine?

Our rule prescribes five hours of prayer and six of work. Ora et labora.


I devote part of the working hours to medical research. I'm a doctor of medicine and in 2006 I published the study Crimes and Abuses of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

When did you decide you had to speak out on influenza A?

In May this year I was asked to give a speech on the papillomavirus vaccine and I was very struck by the lack of scientific basis for the official recommendations. After a few days I spoke on TV-3 about this vaccine and since then I have been receiving requests to comment on the influenza A vaccine.

Doesn't the World Health Organization deserve to be trusted?

I don't understand the motives that have led WHO to act in the absurd way it is acting.


Yes. Last May, WHO changed the official definition of a pandemic -- it changed from a logical definition (a pandemic is an infection of global proportions and with a high mortality) to an illogical definition (a pandemic is an infection of global proportions).

What are the consequences of this change?

Under the new definition of "pandemic", the annual [seasonal] flu more than meets the requirements to be one. Are we going to declare a world health alert every fall? Besides absurdity from the scientific standpoint, this has serious financial and policy consequences.

You don't trust the vaccine. Why?

Unlike the annual seasonal flu vaccine, the influenza vaccine contains such powerful adjuvant substances that they can get the normal immune response to multiply by a factor of 10. In addition, two doses are recommended, to be received after the injection for seasonal influenza, which also contains adjuvants, although less potent. Never before have these substances been injected three times in a row in the general population, starting with children, the chronically ill and pregnant women.

What effects can result?

The artificial stimulation of the immune system can cause autoimmune diseases.


The same prospect of two of the influenza vaccines that have already been approved in Europe (Pandemrix and Focetra) indicates that it is expected that for every million people vaccinated, 99 will experience an autoimmune disease known as Guillain-Barré progressive paralysis.

If that happens, the drug companies would receive demands...

But in the U.S. a decree has already been approved exempting politicians and drug companies from liability.

Are you suggesting that the drug companies have acted irresponsibly?

What they have done is work for their interests.

Can someone be obliged to get vaccinated?

In 2007, WHO adopted a regulation establishing an exception. In all cases except one, the WHO makes recommendations, and only in one case may it give orders that override the sovereignty of member countries.

In the case of a pandemic.

Exactly. In 2007, WHO adopted a regulation that in case of a pandemic, WHO can legally bind member countries to vaccinate all or part of their population. The governments of these countries would be obliged then to impose fines or other penalties for individuals who refuse to be vaccinated.

Do you believe in world conspiracies?

I think there are interests at stake are not the good of the population. How can we justify the money invested in the purchase of vaccines if influenza A is milder than the annual seasonal flu? Spending so much money on vaccines and other preventive measures without sufficient scientific basis is an outrage and we should ask for accountability.

What do your fellow nuns say about the video and your statements?

An almost 90 year old sister raised the objection that the subject of influenza A is very serious and that I couldn't speak out against the vaccine without having well-founded arguments.


After reading my report, she approached me after vespers and simply said to me: "Understood."

Aren't you afraid?


Do you pray a lot?

As much as I can.



  1. La cosa va de catalanes hoy...yeeah ! Sorry I am hyper after hearing certain unbelievable news this morning ! J.

  2. Thanks for that R Girl.

    I've been sending the video and her accompanying text ( to every one I know here in Spain, including the pharmacy and ambulatorio, for the last week. My partner has been wanting to spread the news in English-speaking countries, she'll be very pleased.


  3. Scientists can argue go or no go regarding getting the vacination. But what they can not state is that there is NO terribly deadly FLU event that can happen, as it did happen. The circa 1918 Spanish Flu, part of the present Flu Family that is usually not so deadly did occur, and was a global tragedy. The Flu Virus morphs and changes, every year. It has the potential to be extraordinarily deadly, again. Thats within its nature and design. Thus, it is logical to have a definition of pandemic applied to an infectious agent that is able to infect 100's of millions of naive subjects, and turn murderous and unstoppable AS IT DID. Even more recently, we had a SARs virus outbreak, that was deadly, but fortuately contained. I speak as one who lost his grandfather to the Spanish Flu Outbreak in America. You may disagree with their logic, but labelling their logic "illogical" is dismissing logic, which is corroborated by 100's of extremely dedicated and credentialed scientists, most not working for big pharma, e.g., Dr. Faucci NIH.

    What is interesting is both Biology/ medicine and Quantum Physics have at their core, probability, rather than certainty. Both at their core have counter intuitive principles, as evidenced by some of the most brilliant minds of our century, e.g., for a particle to be in 2 places at the same time, or what Einstein called spooky physics. There are 2 sets of probabilities, one with the vaccines, one without. However, there's an unspoken statement that as a tech society we only learned recently. Namely - what is the consequences of an event occuring, not just its probability. So, if 2 per million get a terrible ailment in reaction to a vaccine (and its not clear, they would not be predisposed to something equally bad, w/o the vaccine), that is terrible. However, what is the potential consquences of letting an H1N1 virus go unabatted, unchecked? First, the at-risk populations will have considerably more than the unintended consequences of debilitating ailments, including GB disease. But worse, even if its 1 in 100 that the H1N1 will morph into a catastrophic disease like the Spanish Flu, who amongst us, can dismiss that threat because its 1 in 100? Is that illogical? And what if we do not boost our healthcare professionals tolerance to H1N1? How many people will die during the time these professionals are affected, and not working?

    One of my heros is Georges Lemaître a Roman Catholic priest, pHd physics. He correctly argued to Albert Einstein that there was a very important event which was a consequence of Einsteins relativity, namely the Big Bang. Science accepts events. How we deal with them is the challenge of our intellects. Dismissing them, calling them illogical, does not alter their existing, or potential existence. God Bless, JR

  4. Ok,ok so you lost your that supposed to make me beleive you suggesting everyone to get vaccinated?

    Gimme a break.

    Ask yourself this:
    Was your father vaccinated prior to his death?
    How did they treat him-would that kind of treatment kill you also today even if you had a simple cold?

    As for the vaccines...
    (there are even physically different types of cells that are engaged)

    So for a vaccine to be effective it would have to attack(start up) the immune system in the corresponding location(think meddimunes nasal spray vaccine tries that).
    However-injecting live viruses could lead to a antigenic shift i.e. start a mutation in the human host if he is already infected.So that is out of the question also!

    Also,there has been a study which suggests that surviving an infection with the A type virus is not so bad and can lead to "heterosubtypic immunity"

    Check this one

  5. Felicito a la hemana Teresa porque gente como ella hay muy pocas que puedan enfrentar la realidad del H1N1 y de otras cosas que en el mundo estas pasando y que por temor nos quedamos callados por conveniencia; creo que es gran ejemplo a serguir. Yo personalmente me comprometo a llevar este mensaje a toda las personas posibles. Dios la Bendiga
    Desde New Orleans,tere