Thursday, October 1, 2009

The world prays for Mercedes Sosa

Momento 24
October 1, 2009

Millions pray for her. Mercedes isn’t adored just in Argentina. The warmth and strength of her voice broke all possible boundaries and moved the crowds. Today, the world hopes for her life at the Trinity sanatorium in Palermo. The most renowned Argentina’s folk singer is connected to a respirator, fighting for her life.

Friends and colleagues visited her giving her strength. A somber Victor Heredia left the clinic saying he had no good news: “One foresees these things far away in time, but they actually happen it devastates me, it’s terrible.”

The singer stressed that La Negra (Mercedes Sosa), despite her delicate situation she’s completely lucid. Yesterday, her son wanted to change the news channel and she stopped him: “No, leave it, I’m interested.”

Even the Health Minister Juan Manzur went to the clinic this afternoon. “I came to give support to the family.” And he let know he was instructed by the President to “be available” to Mercedes’ relatives.

“She’s an icon of our culture, democracy and very important for my province, Tucuman,” pointed out the official.

Fito Paez was there last night as well. He stayed for an hour and a half. Julia Zenco, Teresa Parodi, and Facundo Saravia, are other personalities who were also present at the clinic.

The last medical report was given at 17hs and it reads:

“Mercedes Sosa remains hospitalized in an intensive care unit of this institution since September 18 due to a kidney dysfunction she has evolved with progressive deterioration to cardiorespiratory failure. She’s under respiratory care, with guarded prognosis.”

“She’s being assisted by her personal doctor and team of professional staff from the sanatorium.” “We thank the family for the concern and discretion of the media. Signed: Medical Directorate. Sanatorium of the Trinity.”

The singer has a career of more than four decades that made her one of the most representative voices of popular songs in Argentina and Latin America, to which she devoted 40 albums.

The interpreter is currently nominated for three Latin Grammy awards for her album “Cantora” released in early 2009, where she had the participation of Joan Manuel Serrat, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Caetano Veloso, Shakira, Gustavo Cerati, Charly Garcia, Calle 13 and Joaquin Sabina.

Before this work, the Argentinean singer who built a remarkable career with her privileged voice, englightened a folk repertoire in Latin America and worldwide.

Mercedes Sosa achieved international renown from the 70s, but was threatened for her communist militancy in Europe and was forced into exile during the dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983).

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