Friday, November 13, 2009

Friends in the press 1: Padre Alex

What a pleasant surprise this morning to see my friend Padre Alex Díaz, the pastor of the Hispanic community at St. Philip's Catholic Church in Falls Church, VA on the cover of El Tiempo Latino! Padre Alex was in Silver Spring participating in a radiothon organized by El Zol radio station to benefit the victims of Hurricane Ida in his native El Salvador.

According to the article (English version by Rebel Girl):

...Father Alex Diaz of the Arlington Diocese, joined the radiothon organized by "El Zol" station and came to Megamart in Silver Spring on Tuesday the 10th to encourage people to make donations.

"This is the moment to offer shelter and support to our Salvadoran brothers and sisters," Diaz said. "We need to give some sort of comfort to these people who have been left with nothing," he added.

The priest is originally from El Salvador and he knows several of the affected areas in the department of San Vicente since he used to work there.

"I get chills seeing the images because I have walked those streets. And seeing that they no longer exist is very sad," stated Diaz, pastor of St. Philip's Church in Falls Church. "The Salvadoran countryside has been destroyed. The people are without their daily sustenance because the coffee and sugar cane crops have been destroyed," he added.

Diaz stated that Radio"El Zol" is working together with the FUNTER Telethon Foundation and the Archdiocese of San Salvador to "offer good faith and credibility" that the funds will be distributed to the neediest. The radio station collected $50,000 in only one day, Tuesday the 10th.

"I am making a commitment as a priest and a Salvadoran that the money donated here will be used for the victims of the tragedy," Diaz stressed...
Felicitaciones, Padre Alex! Está haciendo una buena obra.

In addition to SHARE Foundation which I mentioned in an earlier post on this subject, persons wanting to contribute directly to the Archdiocese of San Salvador relief effort can make donations through two banks:

Banco Agricola SA: Acct No 504-008671-6

Banco HSBC: Acct No 042510012102

Both banks have offices in the metropolitan Washington area as well as in several other states.

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