Thursday, November 5, 2009

New titles from Orbis Books

The 2009-2010 catalog from Orbis has a number of new titles which you might want to add to your Christmas "wish list":

Christ Our Companion: Toward a Theological Aesthetics of Liberation
by Roberto S. Goizueta
ISBN: 978-1-57075-853-9

Roberto Goizueta unites this book around the disjuncture between the Christian claim that Christ's life, death, and resurrection are the key to universal human meaning, on the one hand, and our increased consciousness of the diverse, pluralistic world in which we live, on the other hand. This dissonance, he notes, raises important questions about the ethical and theological defensibility of any religious position, particularly when the rationales for so much of the violence we see around us are grounded in religious principles. In such a world, how can a Christian proclaim that message credibly and responsibly?

Daniel Berrigan: Essential Writings
by John Dear
ISBN: 978-1-57075-837-9

Daniel Berrigan is a Jesuit priest, poet, and peacemaker, whose words and actions over the past 50 years have offered a powerful witness to the God of Life. Fr. Berrigan, along with his brother Philip, was one of the Catonsville 9, arrested and imprisoned in 1968 for destroying draft files in a protest against the Vietnam War. But this was only one step along a journey of faith. Through this selection from his many books, journals, poems, and homilies, a chronicle of Fr. Berrigan's life and work unfolds, from the early steps in his vocation, to his decision to cross the line and go to prison, his ongoing witness for peace, and his extraordinary commentaries on scripture and the life of radical discipleship.

Mestizaje: (Re)Mapping Race, Culture, and Faith in Latina/o Catholicism
by Néstor Medina
ISBN: 978-1-57075-834-8

The concept of Mestizaje--a reference to the distinctive biological and cultural intermixture that occurred in the "New World"--has become a foundational category in U.S. Latina/o theology. This book traces the subversive and innovative ways in which Catholic theologians, such as Virgilio Elizondo, Orlando Espín, Ada María Isasi-Díaz, and Pilar Aquino, have turned this concept into a powerful framework for articulating the experiences of faith of Latina/o communities. At the same time the author examines some of the limitations and contradictions inherent in this concept and explores new language for describing the vibrant and complex ethno-cultural and religious identity of Latina/o communities today.

Oscar Romero and the Communion of Saints: A Biography
by Scott Wright
ISBN: 978-1-57075-839-3

Almost thirty years since his assassination in 1980, Oscar Romero continues to serve as one of the great Christian witnesses of our time. This illustrated biography tells his story, beginning with his humble origins and his early life as a relatively conservative priest and bishop. Only in the last three years of his life, with his consecration as archbishop of San Salvador, did he undergo an astonishing transformation--some have called it a conversion. Embracing the church's "option for the poor," he became a courageous voice for the voiceless, entering a path he knew would lead to his death. This biography reveals both his humanity as well his extraordinary faith and courage. It offers a stunning portrait of the gospel challenge for our time.

Trails of Hope and Terror: Testimonies on Immigration
by Miguel A. De La Torre
ISBN: 978-1-57075-798-3

Miguel De La Torre, the son of an undocumented immigrant and now a U.S. citizen and a professor of Christian ethics, seeks to develop a constructive conversation on immigration by examining significant issues and by presenting first-person accounts of the experiences of immigration. De La Torre's goal is to initiate a civil conversation that can replace the politics of fear that now dominates discussions of immigration.

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