Friday, November 6, 2009

November 8th: A Major Feast Day...Literally

It's Friday and I'm tired of all this heavy theology so I want to let you know that this Sunday, November 8, 2009 is a major feast day commemorating Padre Hoyos and Rebel Girl's favorite food: Día Nacional de las Pupusas. Indeed, Article 1 of Decree 655 of 4/1/2005 designates the second Sunday in November as the official day to celebrate this national food treasure of El Salvador. If you are going to be involved at all in Hispanic ministry in the metropolitan Washington area where a substantial part of your congregation is going to be Salvadoran, you HAVE TO become familiar with and enjoy this delicacy. You will be expected to partake of it in all its myriad varieties on almost any occasion.

For English speakers who do not know how to make pupusas, you can find a reasonably good recipe for them and the accompanying curtido salad at Wikibooks. If you are culinarily challenged, you can go to any of the many area pupuserias such as Doña Azucena's to celebrate this day in the best way eating pupusas!

And what would a feast day be without its hymn? Warning: If you click on this video, the jingle will stick to your brain worse than a pupusa to an ungreased comal!

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  1. I miss pupusas. There are some imitations here in Honduras, also called empanadas. (Folks at the comedor of Caritas, though, make some really good ones.) But there's nothing like a real Salvadoran pupusa, I prefer them made with rice flour. I'll have to wait till I get a chance to visit friends there.
    That's a great video.