Friday, November 27, 2009

Teresa Forcades: "The interests of the multinationals do not coincide with the common good"

Appearing on the program "Els Matins" on 11/23/2009, Teresa Forcades, doctor and Benedictine nun, presents her arguments for questioning the Influenza A vaccine in her statements and speeches, and she responds to the criticisms that her polemical video on YouTube has provoked. Forcades reaffirms her position and stresses that "the interests of the big multinationals do not coincide with the common good." This interview is in Catalan.

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  1. Ooohh but Dear Watson, they never do, they never do.
    Mighty Freaking Dollar (Euro, yen, etc) god! Who cares about the real good for the people, as long as the board of directors and the profits are fat and soaring?
    We are Astro-Belica and we love to vaccinate your pockets!