Monday, November 2, 2009

Virginia General Election November 3rd: Time to Vote

1. Attorney General: Just a reminder that it is very important for anyone who cares about immigrants to vote FOR Steve Shannon and AGAINST Ken Cuccinelli. Unless you want to spend the next few years in an uphill battle for your rights...or more likely a downward slide....

2. Governor: Most pro-immigrant people and groups at this point are supporting Creigh Deeds, largely as a reaction against Bob McDonnell's support for 287(g) which makes local law enforcement officers responsible for enforcing immigration law (a federal function) in exchange for a few extra federal dollars. 287(g) is opposed by most pro-immigrant organizations as well as by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Even many police organizations do not like this provision since collaboration between local law enforcement and La Migra is a recipe for zero cooperation in community policing in our communities.

Deeds is endorsed by Washington Hispanic and has been endorsed by the Washington Post which publishes the other major local Spanish language weekly, El Tiempo Latino. Mi Familia Vota and Virginia New Majority (a voter education project that grew out of Tenants and Workers United) have joined forces to produce a bilingual mailer comparing the two candidates and try to get out the immigrant vote for Deeds. The goal was to reach 60,000 potential voters in nearly 40,000 households in Northern Virginia and Virginia Beach.

Now you know what I know. See you at the polls.

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