Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Some Good News About Maribel Pérez Vargas

We have been praying for and contributing to the fund for a young Peruvian mother, Maribel Pérez Vargas, who needs a lung transplant.

Yesterday, the Peruanista blog which has also been following this case, posted an update from the Peruvian consul general Fernando Quirós who has been working tirelessly on Maribel's behalf with some good news:

An agreement has been signed between Maribel's medical insurance, Kaiser Permanente and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center where she will be evaluated and, if approved and if a lung becomes available, God willing, will eventually be operated. Fr. Hoyos' charitable foundation MAPAVI and the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation of Boston also signed the agreement committing to help cover the deductibles and co-payments for these procedures.

Because of this agreement, Maribel and her husband Lorenzo went up to Pittsburgh this week where she will undergo a week of tests to determine whether she is a suitable candidate for a lung transplant. If she is approved, she will be placed on the list of people waiting for a donated lung.

Please keep your prayers and donations coming for Maribel and her family (husband Lorenzo and children Diana and Jason). As the consul general says: "Maribel is an exemplary woman, with impressive physical and spiritual fortitude. In the last 12 months she has taught us how to find strength even in the darkest hour and how to continue to fight under the most adverse circumstances. Maribel is the living example of the energy and enormous strength of Peruvian and Latin American women...Many thanks Maribel. God is and will always be with you."

Donations can be sent to Maribel through MAPAVI or via her Web site: http://www.savemaribel.com/

In this video, Maribel explains her situation:

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