Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Immigration News Roundup - December 9, 2009

1. All of us count in God's eyes: This is one of the two religious-themed posters in Spanish being circulated to encourage Hispanic faithful to participate in the 2010 Census. The posters direct viewers to the bilingual Ya Es Hora Web site, which has information on the Census, registering to vote, and becoming a U.S. citizen. You can download these posters in PDF format for use in your ministry:

2. National Migration Week: The Catholic Church in the United States will celebrate National Migration Week (en español) on January 3-9, 2010. The theme this year will again be “Renewing Hope, Seeking Justice,” although the focus will be migrant and refugee children, following the lead of the Pope Benedict XVI, who has chosen the theme “Minor Migrants and Refugees” for the 2010 World Day of Migrants and Refugees.

The National Migration Week Web site has a number of resources including:

3. Coverage Without Borders: Roger Cardinal Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles, has written an op ed piece in this Monday's New York Times supporting extending health care to undocumented immigrants. Says Cardinal Mahony:

...It makes no sense to deny this large population necessary health care services. It certainly does not help Americans as a whole to remain healthy when millions of people, including schoolchildren, cannot get basic preventive care like immunizations and medications.

When undocumented immigrants are intentionally excluded from health care coverage, they are forced to go to the only place where they will be accepted for care: trauma centers and emergency rooms — the most expensive health care delivery systems in the country. What a foolish waste of money, particularly in a time of economic stress for everyone.

Using their own money, undocumented immigrants could receive basic health services through less expensive community clinics and doctors’ offices. Studies have shown that immigrants are generally younger and healthier than citizens, and use health care facilities and resources less frequently. Giving them access to less costly preventive care would help keep them that way. And by paying into the system, immigrants would make health care less pricey for all by spreading the risks and costs among a larger pool of participants...

4. An Undesirable Inheritance: An article in today's Washington Post cites a study finding that forty percent -- or 3.3 million of U.S.-born children of Hispanic immigrants -- have at least one parent who is an illegal immigrant, mostly from Mexico or Central America. "The most immediate result has been a substantial increase in the number of American children growing up in poverty. Partly because illegal immigrants tend to have low levels of education and partly because their immigration status makes it harder to move up the job ladder, their U.S.-born children are almost twice as likely to be poor as the children of legal immigrants or native parents, the Pew Hispanic Center found."

5. Denver University report says legalizing undocumented immigrants beneficial to US: The Associated Press reports that a University of Denver study argues that legalizing as many of the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants as possible could strengthen the economy and national security. But it should come with conditions, such as requiring new immigrants to learn English, pass criminal and medical background checks, and pay any taxes that they owe, the document states.

The 20-member panel that produced the study, Architecture for Immigration Reform: Fitting the Pieces of Public Policy, met with more than 30 experts in law enforcement, labor union leadership, governance, academics and business. Speakers included immigration experts; Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter and former Govs. Dick Lamm and Bill Owens; a state attorney general; a U.S. attorney; and leaders in venture capital, education and health care. Its extensive policy recommendations are being sent to the Legislature and members of Congress. "In my opinion it is absolutely critical that we bring illegal immigrants out of the shadows," said Polly Baca, a panel member and former Colorado state senator. "That to me is the most important part of the report."

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  1. Has anybody with at least one brain cell in their head, considered that once somebody yells AMNESTY--everybody and their Grandmother are going to be slipping across the border or boarding a jet to come here. Neither the Border Patrol, National Guard or Jesus Christ himself are going to stop, the millions of destitute, uneducated, unskilled foreign labor in the behemoth deluge? They will wait for the call to go out and just like the 1986 AMNESTY, they will appear with fraudulent documents, that states they have been here 5 years or more. 3 million people to be legitimized, turned into 5 million after the Simpson/Mazzoli bill was ratified? We already are subsidizing 20 to 30 million foreign national families, whose going to pay for the unknown number waiting just across the fence? Its going to be the unmentionable mass numbers, exiting every far corner of the impoverished companies on this Earth. GOD HELP THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!