Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe Videos 2: Virgen de Tepeyac

The next two videos in this series will be by Padre Diego Cabrera Rojas. He is a Columban priest from Peru whose music deserves to be better known in this country than it is. I first found his videos while looking for a music video on the priesthood to post on Fr. Hoyos' blog and was completely charmed by Padre Diego's simplicity and his love for the poor that comes out both in the lyrics and in the faces of the people in his videos. You can find most of the Padre Diego videos collected here but don't click on this link unless you have a lot of time (or will power!) because it's hard to stop watching after just one video. "Virgen de Tepeyac" talks about Mary as the Mother of the poor and the disappeared.

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