Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe Videos 3: Ruega Por Nosotros, Virgen de Guadalupe

Here, as promised, is the other Padre Diego Cabrera video. For those who didn't click on Padre Diego's YouTube channel because they don't speak Spanish, you should know that a couple of the videos are in English, which Padre Diego learned when he was assigned by his order to do mission work in Fiji.

I tuned in to one titled The Lord Is Coming and was stunned to hear Padre Diego alternate between masculine and feminine pronouns for God. At first I thought it was a mistake (use of inclusive language for God from Latino priests is rarisimo!), but I read the accompanying narrative: "...God shows to us as a Father and a Mother, taking care of us with such a love and gives us security and tenderness...." So the use of the feminine pronoun is deliberate...and wonderful! And it is also present in the Spanish version of the song Mi Dios hoy viene.

In the following video is a litany to Our Lady of Guadalupe, "mother of the Earth, mother of the disappeared". Pray for us, Holy Mary of Guadalupe!

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