Thursday, December 10, 2009

Virgin of Guadalupe Videos 10: Señora Del Tepeyac

Another video by Takillakkta, the Peruvian choir whose name in Quechua means "song of the people". The singers commit themselves to Mary and ask that they be transformed to be more like Christ.


  1. I Like! I Like!. . . I Love your blog, but where's the subscribe button, friend feed???. . and I just love that profile pic; love the bookshelf. So, when can you come over for pan, cafe con leche???

  2. Buenos dias, hna Rubi! So you are the autora of the Nican Mopohua Web site from which I got the idea for the first video in this series? Y segun tu perfil parece que somos hermanas en la fe! I wish I still lived in the Detroit area (was in Ann Arbor 2 yrs at University of Michigan in the late 70s) so I could come over for pan y cafe con leche y quizas traer otras delicias para compartir.

    To the rest of y'all: Click on Rubi's name in her comment above because she has a number of blogs that make for interesting reading for folks who are interested in Mexican Catholic culture, Hispanic ministry, the role of women therein, etc...