Monday, January 4, 2010

Father Miguel Cruzado -- New Jesuit Provincial for Peru

One of the most wonderful trips in my life was going to Paita, Peru, to see Fr. Miguel get ordained before he came back to St. Ann's in Arlington -- his first parish. And now he's one of the youngest provincials in Peruvian Jesuit history! Miguel, ya que estas famoso por favor no nos olvides. Tus amigos aquí en el norte estamos orando por ti para que cumples esta nueva misión con sabiduría y valor. ¡Felicitaciones!

El Tiempo (Peru)

Miguel Cruzado Silveri SJ, a young Jesuit from Paita, an alumnus of the Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola in Piura and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, was appointed as the new superior of the Peruvian province. The announcement was made public on January 1st, during the Eucharistic celebration for the Day of the Society of Jesus.

The appointment is a decision of Father General Adolfo Nicolás SJ, and Miguel Cruzado thus becomes one of the youngest Jesuits to direct the projects of the Jesuits in Peru for the coming years, which shows the interest of this Catholic congregation in continuing to renew its apostolic mission and social commitment in our country.

Father Miguel will succeed the Spanish Jesuit Carlos Rodriguez Arana SJ at an important stage for the Society of Jesus, which has more than 50 works in various socioeconomic sectors in the country. Miguel's youth, however, is strengthened by a vast spiritual and academic training at prestigious Jesuit institutions.

Defender of the downtrodden

Member of a prominent family from Paita, Miguel Cruzado has been characterized over the years by his boundless sympathy with youth and his staunch defense of the most vulnerable of our country.

In an interview granted in 2005 to the weekly supplement of El Tiempo, he said that his father, Dr. Miguel Cruzado, for whom the main hospital in Paita is named, was one of his closest examples of selflessness, solidarity and social commitment to those who had fewer resources.

"One night they came for my father, a doctor in Paita -- it was at about two in the morning. They were bringing a fisherman hurt by a sea snake that had bitten him horribly (...) Remembering my father, I ask the Lord in this vocation to give me the grace to accompany the people and the communities where they go in difficult times; to go with them when the way forward is not clear, and it isn't for anyone, not for the Church, not even for myself, to accompany the questions, tiredness, doubts, and conflicts of my people."

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