Friday, January 22, 2010

Pray for Padre Chiqui

Padre Chiqui, the Jesuit priest renowned for his ministry to gangs and youth in the poor neighborhood of El Agustino in Lima, Peru, was threatened and assaulted by 5 individuals outside the San Judas Tadeo chapel last Sunday. He was spared major harm by the quick arrival of police.

The Movimiento de Acción Social (MAS) El Agustino has posted a statement about the incident on their blog in which they allege that the attackers have been identified and that they are affiliated with the municipal government. We have not been able to corroborate this from the regular press as details about the incident are just starting to emerge.

The rest of the MAS statement is a resounding defense of Padre Chiqui's considerable work in El Agustino, which has been covered at length in this blog, as well as a call for swift prosecution of the perpetrators of this attack on a beloved priest and a call for neighborhood vigilance against any further incidents.

Let's keep this hermano/padre in our prayers for his healing and future safety.

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