Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feast of Saint Toribio Romo

Today, February 25th, is the feast day of St. Toribio Romo, Cristero martyr from Mexico and patron of the indocumentados and border crossers. Last year we wrote a huge blog piece on him so we will not repeat it this year. Instead we are asking you to honor St. Toribio by:


If you have not yet signed the postcards that are going around the Catholic parishes in this country in support of comprehensive immigration reform (a campaign sponsored by our bishops), you can sign them online here.


March 21st should be circled in red on your calendar. This is the day of the March for America when we will come to Washington, DC and gather at the Lincoln Memorial starting at 1 p.m. for an interfaith service and rally for immigration reform. Go to The March for America Web site for details and logistics (buses, etc...) and to sign up and commit your support to this event.


While waiting to act, here is another prayer to St. Toribio that we can recite for the protection of our brothers and sisters:

Prayer for the Migrant

Holy Father, You who sent Your Son to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven among us,
and He, obedient to Your will, fulfilled the mission You entrusted to Him,
we ask through the intercession of Saint Toribio Romo,
that You care for and protect those who have had to leave home
and go to foreign lands to better themselves and their families,
protect them from every evil and help them stay strong in faith
so that they can come home soon, strengthened in body and soul.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord,

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