Monday, February 15, 2010

"Por Tu Matrimonio" Site Launched

The Spanish version of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops "For Your Marriage" Web site. called "Por Tu Matrimonio" is now live at There are a few residual linking problems and while it's easy to find the "candlelight and roses" stuff, it's a little difficult to find the FAQs, what to do when there are problems, etc...I started by asking "What are the requirements to get married in the Catholic Church?" and "How do I get an annulment of my first marriage?" and it took too many clicks to get the answers.

Por Tu Matrimonio
Also, the site needs to be fleshed out in terms of the problems that immigrant couples seeking matrimony might face, e.g. what to do with undocumented people who might want a Catholic wedding but not be able to get a civil marriage license, the fact that you cannot file for an annulment of a marriage contracted in a foreign country in a diocesan tribunal in the US unless your ex-spouse is also living in the area, what resources the Church provides for people who might not be able to get proof of baptism because of the situation in their home parishes (if the parish even still exists, which in some war torn areas it may not), etc...

This being said, it's a good start...


  1. "...for people who might not be able to get proof of baptism because of the situation in their home parishes (if the parish even still exists..."
    Thank you Father Hoyos for your assistance in this matter when was our time...Good deeds never go forgotten in our household.

  2. From what I can see of your blog/profile, you will do more harm than good. Indeed, the 'fringes" that you seem to frequent, from the scant evidence here, are areas clearly at odds with what the Catholic Church teaches.

    You should, for the good of others and yourself, reconcile yourself with the Church and its authentic teachings, rather than allowing yourself to drift further away from the truth and drawing others along with you.

    I am sorry for you and those you influence.

  3. To Anonymous: First, it is true that there are areas in which I respectfully dissent from the teachings of the Church and in most of these I am joined by many Catholics who are far more influential than I am, including members of the clergy and even the occasional bishop. I try to make it clear in my blog that "this is what the Church teaches" vs. "this is my opinion as a dissenting Catholic". If there are areas in which this is not clear enough, please give me specifics and I will be happy to rephrase those posts to draw the boundary lines more clearly.

    Second, I am a thinking Catholic and I do explore many themes in greater depth than most Catholics who just rely on what they are told on Sunday morning. Too often we are told by those in authority in our Church that reality is "like this -- black and white." When you begin to read for yourself, you find that there are many nuances, exemptions, extenuating circumstances, etc...(I'm thinking of canon law in particular here). I try to bring out those nuances.

    Third, people do not come to this blog to get the "official" Church line on anything. For that, we have the Vatican and the USCCB Web sites. They come to get information that they cannot get anywhere else in English. I do not pretend to "influence" anyone. I just want to provide information that is otherwise somewhat difficult to locate, knowledge that I've gained along the way. I like to profile people whose work would otherwise go unnoticed in this country.

    People come to this blog looking for everything from translations of Sr. Teresa Forcades' writings (most of which are otherwise inaccesible except to the few who can read Catalan), to info about different saints I have written about, to the news roundups I produce on immigrant/Hispanic community related issues. My readers have a variety of interests. They will read what they care about, hopefully go to the links I provide and do additional research on their own, and draw their own conclusions. In short, I assume that my readers are the same as me: thinking Catholic adults who are seeking the truth...the whole truth in all its wondrous diversity and complexity. What I do not assume is that all of my readers will agree with me on every issue, because I know they don't.