Friday, March 12, 2010

Fundación Provocando la Paz 1: Introduction

This is translated from Padre Jony's Fundación Provocando la Paz Web site. The foundation's major projects are in Guatemala and Sierra Leone and we will be adding specific information about these later.


The Fundación Provocando la Paz aims to promote peace and solidarity. It was established by Padre Jony, with a board that helps to coordinate it and volunteers who collaborate.


The Fundación Provocando la Paz works in a variety of areas:

  • Financing solidarity projects: The Fundación Provocando la Paz works with Manos Unidas through a "joint operation": Manos Unidas presents a development project, this Foundation makes it known and establishes a bridge for those who want to collaborate with that project. Padre Jony gives the proceeds from his musical project to the Fundación Provocando la Paz. And donations are accepted, of course. Open to all.

  • Raising awareness: Especially of younger people, about the urgent problems of humanity. To do this, we offer presentations, talks, youth institutes and collectives.

  • Promoting social commitment to greater justice for the least fortunate: The Foundation has conducted campaigns to raise awareness and collect signatures calling for the IMF to help remit the foreign debt of the poorest nations and for the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child to address the problem of child exploitation.


Fundación Provocando la Paz
Avenida de la Rápita, No.49
43870 Amposta (Tarragona)

Tel: 695.892.235

Padre Jony has set up an account at La Caixa to receive donations. There is not a site for online donations at this time.

Photos: Padre Jony visits project in Guatemala; Padre Jony signs CDs at a fundraising event for the Foundation

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