Friday, March 5, 2010

A Time for Compassion: The Campaign Continues

As readers of this blog know, we have been working to get a non-immigrant visa granted to Orlando Martin Cossio Praelli out of the US Embassy in Lima, Peru, so he can visit his father Angel Cossio, a faithful member of St. Ann's Catholic parish in Arlington, who is now in hospice (earlier this week in Arlington, VA and now in the Joseph Richey Hospice in Baltimore, MD due to issues with his health insurance company) with advanced metastatic cancer of the pancreas. Orlando was denied a visa on his first appearance at the embassy on 3/25/2010. Although he is married and has a job in Lima and has never been to the United States and has no family here except his dying father, Orlando was told that he did not have sufficient ties to Peru to guarantee his return!

The latest anonymous response from the Consular Section/NIV Unit to a viewer of this blog who wrote about the Cossio case was: "Thank you for your message. However, Mr. Cossio knows his visa was refused because he could not prove to the interviewing consular office that he has strong ties in Peru and that he would return after a legally authorized stay. We hope this information is useful."

What the message doesn't tell you is that Orlando, in addition to producing the letters from his father's doctor and hospice documenting his father's condition and inability to travel, and an affidavit from the family who will provide hospitality to Orlando when and if he ever gets to travel to this country, also brought his marriage certificate and bank statements as proof that he is married and has resources and work in Lima to his first interview at the embassy. This combination should have been more than enough to ensure that he got the temporary visa he needs to be able to fulfill his filial duties.

This case demonstrates exactly how broken our nation's immigration laws are but with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, Angel and Orlando Cossio don't have time to wait for comprehensive immigration reform. So we are going to keep the pressure on the U.S. embassy in Lima to do the right thing, the Christian thing, and -- what the heck? -- the AMERICAN thing, and grant this son a visa so he can fulfill his dying father's last wish to see him.


If you would like to express your outrage at this heartless ruling and ask the U.S. Embassy in Lima to reconsider this case, you can do so through a comment form on the embassy Web site:

Here are some pointers for how to fill the form out:

Your Phone Number in Peru: Write: not applicable (unless you live in Peru). NOTE: You have to put this in because there must be something in that field.
Full Name of Applicant: Orlando Martin Cossio Praelli
Select: "non-immigrant visa"
Immigrant Visa Case Number: leave this field empty since we don't know what the number is.

The subject line defaults to "Denial of Visa", which is what this is about.

Then write in 600 characters or less -- this is the hard part! -- why you think this decision is unfair and should be reversed. You can write your comments in English or in Spanish, whichever language is easier for you.

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  1. ...We hope this information is useful.
    I wish that the wise consular employee that wrote this, would be so nice to tell us how can we use this information, other than to think that they are behaving like perfect "huequitos de donde la espalda pierde su nombre".