Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saving Maribel Perez Vargas - An Update

UPDATE 2012: A little comment posted by one of Maribel's children on this blog piece prompts me to add this note that Maribel did receive her double lung transplant in 2010 and, according to an article in Washington Hispanic, returned to her home and children free of the ventilator which had been keeping her alive. This photo of Maribel and her husband was taken after her return home.

Old news:

For those of you who so kindly contributed to Maribel for her lung transplant, we are so incredibly close and your help has made this a reality for her as contributions met the copay requirement.

Maribel is in Pittsburgh waiting to be put on the list. It could happen as early as this week. Once she is on the list, she should get high priority as her condition has worsened. Just last week she went from breathing through her nose with assisted oxygen, to going to Fairfax Hospital and being intubated for 36 hours to being flown on a medical jet to the University of Pittsburgh, the only hospital that could handle her delicate case. The doctors have taken the tubes out and reopened her tracheostomy so she can breath.

While she remains in Pittsburgh, she needs a minium of $8,000 to cover the expenses of her caregivers during her stay. So, we ask that you donate a minimum of $5.00 (more if your are financially able) and if you cannot contribute, please send a prayer that she makes it on the list. Thanks for caring.

1. Donate online here

2. In the U.S. you can make donation through:

Chevy Chase Bank
Acct No. 0954382064

3. You can also send checks to:

P.O. BOX 8523,
Falls Church VA 22041


  1. I Twitted this article to all my few followers, and also to all the Maribel's Twitter account followers that I created, among them some priest.

  2. hi my mommy is maribel , and she already recived her transplant :D
    thanks for all the help <3

  3. Thank you for sharing. How is your mommy doing now? I hope she is healthy and breathing well with her new lungs.