Monday, May 24, 2010

Pentecost Invocation

by José Antonio Pagola
(English translation by Rebel Girl)

Come Creator Spirit and infuse us with the strength and breath of Jesus. Without your impulse and your grace, we would not be able to believe in Him, we would not dare to follow in His footsteps, the Church would not be renewed, our hope would die out. Come and share with us the vital breath of Jesus!

Come Holy Spirit and remind us of the good words that Jesus spoke. Without your light and your testimony about Him, we would forget the kindly face of God; the gospel would become dead letters; the Church would no longer proclaim any good news. Come and teach us to listen only to Jesus!

Come Spirit of Truth and make us walk in Jesus' truth. Without your light and your guidance, we would never be freed from our errors and lies; nothing new and true would be born within us; we would be the blind claiming to lead the blind. Come and convert us into disciples and witnesses of Jesus!

Come Spirit of the Father and teach us to call God "Abba" as Jesus did. Without your warmth and joy, we would live like orphans who have lost their Father; we would invoke God with our lips, but not our hearts; our prayers would be empty words. Come and teach us to pray with the words and heart of Jesus!

Come Good Spirit and convert us to the plan of the "Kingdom of God" that Jesus began. Without your renewing strength, nothing would convert our tired hearts; we would not dare to build a more human world, according to the will of God; in your Church, the last would never be first; and we would continue to be lulled to sleep in our bourgeois religion. Come and make us partners in Jesus' plan!

Come Spirit of Love and teach us to love each other as Jesus loved. Without your living presence among us, cracks would form in the communion of the Church; the hierarchy and the people would become ever more distant; divisions would grow, dialogue would end and intolerance increase. Come and bring alive in our hearts and hands the brotherly love that makes us like Jesus!

Come Liberating Spirit and remind us that Christ liberated us to be free and not to let ourselves be oppressed by slavery again. Without your strength and truth, our joyful following of Jesus would become slave-like; we would not know the love that gives life but our selfishness that kills it; the freedom that makes the children of God grow would go out in us and, over and over again, we would be victims of fear, cowardice and fanaticism. Come Holy Spirit and infuse us with the freedom of Jesus!

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