Thursday, May 20, 2010

The World Needs Some Extra Soul

by Rev. José Eugenio Hoyos
(English translation by Rebel Girl)
May 20, 2010

The world economic crisis is no excuse for not continuing to help the poor and creating new work opportunities and social action programs for the neediest. We cannot allow governments to continue to invest large sums of money to sponsor wars and invest in sophisticated weapons while a large part of the human race is dying of hunger. The Catholic Church has learned from the gospel that an indispensable part of its evangelizing mission is action for justice and the tasks of human advancement.

There is unanimous recognition that John Paul II was a champion, an eminent witness to the Kingdom through the defense of social justice, human rights, and an authoritative and daring voice for the poorest. But we have to ask whether being sensitive to the poor is only working on the material aspect. What has happened and how have other "poor" areas in the Church advanced? For example: Do lay people and women have an important place in the Church? Or has the Church since Paul VI undergone a regression where deep wounds have been opened in the Church itself, and scandals have sprung up such as the pedophile priests that were not publicly visible before?

In a world that needs some "extra soul", the Church hierarchy should turn its eyes less towards theological dogmas and more towards the poor who, sad and disillusioned, go to the evangelical sects where they find the warm and human embrace of their brothers and sisters. We are all accomplices in this globalized and humanized planet, and in our Church -- Mystery and People of God -- that should think more about being a "convocation of the faithful" than a "hierarchical body". By prophetic tradition we have the right to dream our social and ecclesial future guided by the Holy Spirit. The world is tired of words and cries out for good deeds.

Be inspired to serve and prove through solidarity that for you, love is a practice and not just words. Prayer is not for God to change, it's to fill you with divine energy and change your selfishness into generous self-giving to others, especially to the neediest.

Photo: Love in action at an unidentified Catholic Worker house.

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  1. This is one of Father Hoyos finest masterpieces. He respectfully questions the direction of the Catholic Church and lays the logical and moral foundation for the need of all to serve and to continue a course of self awerness about our humanity and the humanity of all. Every sentence of this writing needs to be analyzed on its own and meditated upon, since each idea embedded in it, comes from the depth of his soul, not just as a catholic priest, but also as a realized spiritual being.
    And that’s what makes it more significant.