Friday, June 11, 2010

Leonardo Boff endorses Marina Silva, Green Party candidate for president in Brazil

June 10, 2010

Leonardo Boff, the writer and liberation theologian, spoke on Thursday in favor of Marina Silva, the noted Brazilian environmentalist and former senator and minister of the environment, at the convention in Brasilia that formalized her candidacy for the Green Party. "I have never participated in any event to launch a candidacy, but the invitation from Marina changed my mind. She makes policy with the methods of Gandhi, with respect for living things," said the theologian.

Boff also said that involvement in environmental issues in the elections will be benefitted by the candidate's presence. "After her, policy will be different. Marina has introduced two fundamental principles: first sustainability, which opposes the devastation of nature, and care, which opposes the domination that marks our culture," he said.

Boff said that "the earth, humankind and Brazil need Marina and Guilherme Leal to save this heritage that the universe has given us" and he highlighted the activities of Leal with regard to Natura Cosm├ęticos, a firm in which Leal has a major stake. "Guilherme Leal is a worthy candidate for vice president because he has deployed ecological methods in the production process at Natura," he said.

The theologian said that Brazil needs a woman in government. Citing a document of the United Nations, Boff said that "we must give more decision-making and power to women if we want to save the planet."

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