Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Novena to the Holy Spirit for an Inclusive Priesthood

FutureChurch was asking that this novena be prayed on the first Friday of every month during the Church’s Year for Priests. Well, the Year for Priests is almost over and the priesthood is no more inclusive than it ever was, so the novena is still as valid as it is beautiful. Don't stop praying. Someday the Holy Spirit will even move the Vatican.

Holy Spirit, I believe in your work among us and within us.

I come to you committed to the full expression of the Gospel through the work of the Church. I am saddened by the lack of priests to provide the Eucharist, the Bread of Life, especially in the developing world. I am one of many who hunger for an inclusive priesthood that allows all who are so called to discern ministry to the People of God as a deacon or a priest.

I ask your grace and intercession:

O Holy Spirit, may the fire of your love renew priests all over the world in love and service to the People of God.

O Holy Spirit, let our Church celebrate the gift of celibacy as a powerful grace and yet recognize that it is not given to all called to the ministerial priesthood. We pray for the day that both celibate and married priests serve you through the sacrament of Holy Orders.

O Holy Spirit, let our Church celebrate the powerful expression of love and commitment that is the gift of marriage, a gift that can only enhance the ministerial priesthood for those so called.

O Holy Spirit, continue gifting Catholic women with love, service, and trust that their faithful perseverance will one day lead to structures that mirror their full baptismal equality in the Catholic Church.

O Holy Spirit, open the hearts and ears of our bishops and our Pope to support and encourage the diaconal and presbyteral calls of both married and celibate Catholics.

O Holy Spirit, I bring to you my love and concern for the worldwide Church and ask for your guidance as we move ever closer to the reign of God where all have a place at the table of God.


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  1. I like the Magdala Market. Is just an ideal of mine with Mary of Magdala. Perhaps a fixation influence by Gnostic writings, but I see her as a companion an equal on the flesh and on the spirit. Not a Holy Sanctified Divine mother as the Virgin Mary has been described and idealized far away on the clouds, but I see M.M as a woman wise and affable, a person to grow with and with whom you can have a partnership in the ups and downs of life. Human and spiritual, receptive and cheerful; sensible but strong.
    Learned, but not sanctimonious.

    Those with little faith do them still have the right to dream and ask for her interception?

    Holy advocate of men …Pray for us!