Monday, July 19, 2010

Teresa Forcades at II Bilboa Ciudad Intercultural

Sr. Teresa Forcades has been mostly silent these days while her "alter ego", comedienne Mireia Portas of the TV3 show "Polónia" has been performing regularly, most recently in a musical skit on the evils of the pharmaceutical industry. However, the real Teresa did give a presentation last month as part of an interfaith conference in Bilbao on a panel about "Religion, Feminism, and Democracy". Here are her remarks as video'd on culture, gender, and individuation. She is speaking in Catalan but the producers have helpfully supplied Spanish subtitles.

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  1. Thanks. We were missing Teresa in the blog, but I myself can’t understand ½ of what she’s saying, too dense for me. I’ll listen to it again later to see if I get it.