Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Centenary Tribute to Msgr. Leonidas Proaño

El Ciudadano

The Ministry of Culture of Ecuador will hold the "First Ibero-American Encounter in Hommage to the Thought and Action of Monsignor Leonidas Proaño" to commemorate the centenary of his birth.

The Ibero-American Encounter aims to assess liberation theology and the thought of Monsignor Proaño. His work from education to social change promoted the recognition of the oppressed as historical subjects able to reflect on and transform their own reality.

He encouraged meetings to strengthen organizing in the communities. He questioned the traditional ways of thinking about and doing education. That's why, in the city of Riobamba on August 29, 2008, his work was declared an asset belonging to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the State.

The methodology of the Encounter is an alternative, collective, and liberating pedagogical approach. It is based on an exchange with other experiences of resistance worldwide. The transverse axis of Encounter is the phrase "Enseñar aprendiendo" ("Teach while learning").

The subject of art as an educational tool will also be dealt with, in which vulnerable groups are included as actors in aesthetic and political processes.

The event will open on October 20th in Riobamba. One the 21st the presentations begin. The first will deal with Liberating Education: critical, collective and alternative pedagogies. On October 23rd, the subject will be Education and Liberating Theology. On October 24th the theme is: Liberating Artistic Practices.

The closing session will be on the 24th. The main representatives of the indigenous communities will be present.

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  1. I tell my children that there was a time that the Church produced men such as Bishop Proano,Dom Helder,Don Pedro Casadaglia,Camilo Torres, Archbishop Romero and Don Sergio Mendez Arceo. Looking around today, I weep...