Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where are they now?: Padre Jony and Nicolas Alessio

1. Padre Jony was at a youth mission retreat with the Redemptorist Missionaries last month in El Espino and gave the following interview on the power of music and how evangelizing and solidarity should go hand in hand:

2. Probably the next chapter in the Fr. Nicolas Alessio saga should be titled "You can't fire me; I quit". Yesterday, the Argentinian priest who was suspended by his bishop for supporting that country's new gay marriage law, announced that, after 26 years, he would celebrate his last Mass this Saturday and resign. Alessio said he no longer wants to belong to a "monarchic, closed and authoritarian Church" or be part of a priestly caste that, in his words, has "betrayed" the gospel. In a separate interview, Fr. Alessio revealed that one of the reasons he was supporting gay marriage is his sister Angela who is a lesbian. Angela and her partner have a 3-year old child.

Fr. Alessio said that he would continue to be a priest "in the teaching and prophetic sense", adding that Jesus was "not a priest, but a teacher and a prophet". He said there was another kind of church, a fraternal one that is close to the people, to which he would continue to belong. He indicated that, after a period of rest, he plans to be involved in politics and continue to serve as advisor to the Frente CĂ­vico party and its leader, Luis Juez.

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