Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hispanic political leaders react to Latinos 4 Reform

UPDATE 10/20/2010: Might want to check out Robert Deposada's appearance on Lawrence O'Donnell's The Last Word, MSNBC.

UPDATE 4:15 pm 10/19/2010: Responding to strong protests, Univision has told The Associated Press the controversial Latinos For Reform ad urging Hispanics not to vote was pulled from its Las Vegas Spanish-language radio station today shortly after its debut. Univision also says it will not run a companion ad on its Spanish-language TV broadcasting network and will continue to encourage Hispanics to vote. Bendecidos, encendidos y...for the moment...en victoria!

Yesterday we reported on Latinos For Reform, a Republican Party oriented 527, which is planning to run ads aimed at suppressing the Hispanic vote in the November general election. Reaction from Hispanic political leaders who are absolutely outraged by this unAmerican tactic are starting to come out and we will bring them to you as they emerge.

From Nevada, where Democratic incumbent Harry Reid is a prime target of the ad:

Adding its voice to the chorus of denunciation is the National Alliance of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) which has been active in trying to get Latinos to participate in both the 2010 Census and the electoral process. In a statement to La OpiniĆ³n, the group's director, Arturo Vargas, called the Latinos for Reform ads "cynical" and said they reminded him of those who tried to discourage Latinos from participating in the Census.

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  1. Robert de Posada and the Republican Party must be held accountable and chastized for their cynical acts against Latinos.