Saturday, October 30, 2010

Make room for women priests, activist urges

By Leslie Scrivener
The Chronicle Herald
Sat, Oct 30 - 4:54 AM

TORONTO — Roy Bourgeois knows it’s not easy to change deeply held beliefs or to cast off church teaching — but he’s living proof it can be done. He grew up in a small town in Louisiana in a family of traditional Catholics. He volunteered to serve in Vietnam and considered a career in the navy. Instead, he became a missionary in Bolivia.

"How unquestioning I was. How conservative. How submissive," he says of his former adherence to Catholic directives. His roots are Cajun and you can hear it in his voice.

"If I can change, anybody can change."

When Bourgeois spoke at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education last weekend he invited Catholics to change, too — to break their silence and support the ordination of women, a subject the Vatican has declared off limits.

"We were instructed not to discuss this," he says. "What are you talking about? How old are we? It’s like when you are three or four and a parent says, ‘I don’t want to hear any more of this: Go to your room.’ "...

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Thank you, Fr. Bourgeois, for expressing exactly how progressive Catholics feel about this directive from the Vatican. We are sick and tired of living under a hierarchy that treats us like spiritual infants.

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  1. Fr. Roy is a holy man bearing great suffering personally as a result of his witness to the truth. I consider myself a life-long committed Catholic, but until the self-proclaimed rulers in our church renounce hierarchy and power, our church will not be the church of Jesus Christ. Fr. Roy is a prophet of the Catholic Church as Jesus intended it to be. Jack Kolar