Monday, November 8, 2010

Teresa Forcades on the Pope and Irena Sendler

El Periódico Extremadura (11/7/2010) interviewed 25 prominent people about their faith and the Church on the occasion of the Pope's visit to Barcelona. One of them was Teresa Forcades...

The contemporary guiding light for Teresa Forcades, Doctor of Public Health, theologian, Benedictine nun and feminist, is neither a saint nor a hierarch. "It's the Polish nurse Irena Sendler, who saved over 2,000 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto. She was tortured by the Gestapo, but her personal relationship with Jesus gave her strength and simplicity. At the end of her life she even said she could have done more."

An entire parable, a real one, about her faith: "I believe that God created and loves each individual differently and with an intensity that goes beyond what we can grasp. On a day to day basis, I experience this with the confidence that, even if things don't go as I hope, it is possible to respond with a concrete gesture of love."

Forcades grew up in a "rather anticlerical" family. And at age 15, reading the Gospels for the first time made a "strong impact" on her.

Her words are not flattering. She values the Pope's "freedom and independence in a world that yields to economic interests." Any "but"s? "Clericalism and misogyny should be rethought, and that involves structural changes."

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  1. She has her heart under the right Light. J.