Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Songs for Advent and Christmas 1: Esperando, Esperando

Last year around this time, we brought you a series of videos about the Virgin of Guadalupe -- ones that, we hope, were a bit more interesting than all of the well-known Guadalupan hymns. This year, we are inspired by a question posed on Women's Ordination Conference's Facebook page and so we will be sharing some of our favorite seasonal songs. These are, for the most part, not your traditional carols. If you just want Santa and sleds and sweet baby Jesus and his meek and mild Mother curled up together in a clean, fresh-smelling manger, go to the nearest shopping mall (or most parishes, for that matter). This is not "Baby Jesus" for "baby Christians".

Our first Christmas song is by Basque priest and prolific Catholic songwriter, Cesáreo Gabaráin (English translation by Rebel Girl). It was recorded on his ”Liturgia y Canción” album. This song has moved into the popular religious tradition and the lyrics have been slightly modified, so you will see some versions that have changed "Si seguimos viviendo en pecado" ("If we continue to live in sin") in the final verse to "Si seguimos odiando al hermano" ("If we continue to hate our brother"), perhaps to counteract the Church's overemphasis on personal sin at the expense of social sin.

As you listen to this song, look at the photo below. Can you see Mary and Jesus in this homeless young woman and her child?

Esperando, esperando.
Esperando al Mesías que nos ha de salvar,
tierra y hombres que sueñan
porque Dios va a llegar.

Esperando, esperando.
Esperando, Señor tu venida,
tu venida de verdad.

Buscamos la luz que nos guíe
y encendemos estrellas de papel.
¿Hasta cuándo, Señor, jugaremos
como niños con la fe?
Aunque vanos discursos gritemos
pregonando una falsa hermandad.
¿Hasta cuándo, Señor, viviremos
sin justicia y caridad?

Villancicos alegres y humildes
nacimientos de barro y cartón,
mas no habrá de verdad nacimiento
si a nosotros nos falta el amor.
Si seguimos viviendo en pecado
o hay un niño que llore sin pan,
aunque suenen canciones y fiestas
no podremos tener Navidad.

Waiting, hoping.
Waiting for the Messiah who is to save us,
Earth and people dreaming
because God is coming.

Waiting, hoping.
Waiting, Lord, for Your coming,
Your coming in truth.

We seek the light that guides us
and light paper stars.
How long, O Lord, will we play
with faith, like children?
Even though we shout out vain speeches,
preaching a false brotherhood,
how long, Lord, will we live
without justice and charity?

Happy and humble carols,
creches of clay and cardboard,
but there won't be a true Birth
if we don't have love.
If we continue living in sin
or a child cries for want of bread,
although carols and feasts ring out,
we cannot have Christmas.

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