Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Songs for Advent and Christmas 4: La Navidad de Luis

This song by León Gieco was performed by him and Mercedes Sosa as a duet on her 1996 CD, “Escondido en mi país”. In stunningly simple lyrics, it demonstrates the difference between mere charity and justice and gives us a clear understanding of what Jesus meant when He said that we do not live by bread alone.

Toma Luis, mañana es Navidad,
un pan dulce y un poco de vino,
ya que no puedes comprar.

Toma Luis, llévalo a tu casa
y podrás junto con tu padre
la Navidad festejar.

Mañana no vengas a trabajar,
que el pueblo estará de fiesta
y no habrá tristezas...

Señora, gracias por lo que me da,
pero yo no puedo esto llevar
porque mi vida no es de Navidad.

Señora, ¿cree que mi pobreza
llegará al final comiendo pan
el día de Navidad?

Mi padre me dará algo mejor,
me dirá que Jesús es como yo,
y entonces así podré seguir...

Viviendo, viviendo,
viviendo, viviendo,
viviendo, viviendo,
viviendo, viviendo.

Tomorrow is Christmas, Luis.
Take some sweet bread and a little wine
since you can't buy anything.

Take it, Luis. Take it to your house
and you'll be able to celebrate Christmas
with your father.

Don't come to work tomorrow
since people will be celebrating
and there will be no sadness...

Thank you, Ma'am for what you give me
but I can't take this
because my life isn't Christmas.

Ma'am, do you think my poverty will come
to an end by eating bread
on Christmas Day?

My father will give me something better,
He'll tell me that Jesus was like me,
and so I'll be able to keep on...

Living, living,...

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