Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catching Up with the Coolest Curas...

Those of you who think that priests are boring old balding white guys who are politically and socially conservative and out of touch with young people today, are obviously not regular readers of this blog.

Today we're bringing you some different new videos of a couple of our cooler priest friends...

Padre Jony

We first profiled Padre Jony on this blog a year ago this month. He's a pastor in Tarragona in the Diocese of Tortosa in Spain, a rocker who has his own charitable foundation, Fundación Provocando La Paz.

This Friday, he'll be giving a concert in Badajoz to benefit his Makeni Project which helps single mothers in Sierra Leone. The project provides educational, psychological and medical assistance to these women and their children. A number of the women have been rape victims in the country's civil war. Eventually the Makeni Project hopes to provide these women with microcredit so they can start their own businesses.

This interview with Padre Jony came out last summer, after we profiled him here. Interspersed with clips from some of his music videos, it gives a lot of insight into how this priest reconciles his commitments to God and to music.

Padre Gofo

An October 2010 video interview with Padre Adolfo Huerta Alemán ("Padre Gofo"), pastor of Nuestra Señora de Atocha in the Diocese of Saltillo, Mexico, in his alter persona as a biker. Note: The choice of "Highway to Hell" as background music is, ummm, interesting...

Padre Chiqui

Last fall, Padre Ignacio Mantecón S.J. ("Padre Chiqui") accompanied young people from his Martin Luther King Association in El Agostino, a poor neighborhood in Lima, Peru, where he has been doing gang prevention work, to play soccer in Spain in a match sponsored by Real Madrid.

In this slightly older video, Padre Chiqui talks about the role of the soccer club in cutting down on gang activity in his neighborhood.

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